HOTEL REWARD PROGRAMS
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Are you a frequent business traveler? Do you have at least one hotel loyalty program account? Do you know that there are more than one way to earn points and free stays for your family and yourself? Do you know how to flexibly redeem your points for more room nights? Have you ever cared about the promotions released in each season? 

 ...Or perhaps you are too busy to deal with these benefits so you simply ignore everything regarding your stay and money expenditure? 

Well, not so fast... 

Take a look at the pictures on the right. These are the top tier resorts at the top destinations. Imagine spending your whole vacation over there without cost a dime. It's real and achievable as long as you pay a little bit more attention to the hotel program you've enrolled in.

St. Regis Sanya
Aren't They Beautiful?
Don't You Like Them?
Free? Seriously?


This web site is to help you quickly learn some of the programs, find out how to make more credits by spending money within your budget in the shortest time period, and how to redeem your stay at minimum cost.

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