HOTEL REWARD PROGRAMS

Earning tips on hotel reward program

Take SPG program as an example to illustrate how you are going to earn points faster.
  • Tip 1

It would be better if you start your journey with only one hotel group instead of several. 

The benefit of doing this is to credit your stays and nights into one account, by doing which your membership level will get upgraded in a shorter time period. Why do you want to be an upper tier member? Check Tip 4 to learn more for this.  

You might want to know which reward program is the best. Well, it's pretty hard to say if there is a best one. Programs favored by one people might not arouse others interests. The most important thing is to find the hotel that is suitable for you. Sometimes travelers do not really have a choice, they have to live in the contract hotels only due to the budget. 

There are three major chains listed on the program intro page. There are other hotel groups , such as Wyndham, Accor, Choice, which are not included in this website. If you are interested in any of those programs, and would like to discuss with me, please email me at travelforhotels@gmail.com. You could also check their websites or make a toll free call at their office hour (most of the call centers are open 24/7).

  • Tip 2

Green initiatives in hotel could offer extra bonus to those who deny room service. 

For instance, Starwood hotels& resorts worldwide would offer their guests up to 500 starpoints or a 5 dollar coupon for each night they deny room service. This is a great opportunity to get extra credits for those who stay consecutive nights. 

This kind of initiative is originated from their green commitment and philosophy.  As stated clearly on its official website, Starwood is now committing themselves to sustainable development and social responsibility. This move could help them save energy up to 30%. So what you are going to do actually benefit the hotels and the world we are now living. 

Is there a shortcut to earn points? Hell yes! Four tips are listed for your reference. Sign up for our newsletter to receive more...

One right credit card can help. 

Like many other merchants, well known hotel chains usually have a long-standing cooperation relationship with credit card companies to realize a win-win situation through lunching a bunch of promotions. Some of them are for members only, for instance: SPG Amex Card, which is a joint name credit card lunched by Starwood and American Express.  

It would be perfect if you could continuously follow the updated promotion from official websites. But never mind if you are too busy, hotels will send you most updated promotions. So just make sure that you have your email properly set up to receive their newsletters. Or you could check our promotion page to learn some of the hottest promotions they have right now.

The longer you stayed at properties in a group, the faster you’ll get credits to spend for your upcoming vacation.

Hotel groups tend to separate their guest into different levels according to the nights/stays they spend in their properties in a calendar year. 

As it comes to Starwood, SPG program included three membership tiers, preferred guest, gold member and platinum member. It is easy to be enrolled as a preferred member. However, you need to have 10 eligible stay or 25 eligible nights in a calendar year to get upgraded to a gold member. And it takes 25 stays or 50 eligible nights in a calendar year to be a platinum member. And if you stayed 75 nights in a year, you could get 4 points by spending each dollar in hotel. In another word, the longer you stayed at properties in a group, the faster you’ll get credits to spend for your upcoming vacation.

Sheraton Boston Hotel
Travel Journal

I went there in December, so you could imagine how cold it was outside. I would spend my whole day staying at the warm hotel room.

We've got a capacious room with marvelous view during three-day stay. Like other Starwood hotels, this one has the "go green" initiative. I got extra 15oo points by denying the room service during my 3-days stay. 

One small thing I would like to mention, the first room they offered was not properly cleaned, so I went to the front desk to ask for a change. The staff at the front desk apologized immediately and offered me 2500 star points as a compensation. It's a big deal to a fan of SPG.

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